Mohamed Talaat: deeply committed to design excellence that revolves around serving society and prioritizing people.

Mohamed Talaat Architects is a globally recognized design practice that focuses on architecture.

The firm has a rich legacy dating back to 1995 and is deeply committed to design excellence that revolves around serving society and prioritizing people in all aspects of their work.

The founder, Dr. Mohamed Talaat, instilled a passion for innovation and a people-centric approach that is still evident in the firm’s projects today. The firm’s philosophy is based on cross-disciplinary collaboration, encompassing architecture, engineering, planning, and design.

When asked about the scope of their work in Egypt, MT Architects mentioned that they undertake a wide range of projects such as residences, compounds, hospitality spaces, commercial establishments, academic structures, and places of worship. The firm is headquartered in Cairo and has additional workspaces in Dubai and Riyadh. The firm’s expertise spans global locations and diverse project scales. They maintain consistent attention to detail and environmental consciousness across various contexts, reflecting their devotion to design excellence.
Starting in 2023, MT Architects has expanded its presence to two new cities, Dubai and Riyadh. Even though the company already has projects in various international locations, it decided to open new offices in Dubai and Riyadh to manage its international projects better. This includes overseeing the engineering phases, obtaining necessary license permits, and supervising the construction phase.
During our conversation about the current challenges facing our world, Dr. Mohamed emphasized that architects all over the world are conscious of the environmental issues we are facing today and the importance of preserving the planet for future generations. Therefore, they are taking extra measures to incorporate sustainable practices in their projects to ensure the sustainability of our planet.
When asked about the difficulties architects encounter, he mentioned that one of the biggest challenges they face is balancing customer satisfaction with their design preferences. Additionally, designers must identify the relationship between ever-shrinking project budgets and construction constraints to create a sustainable project. This poses a significant challenge for architects, but it is necessary to create a successful project.
He also mentioned that as companies strive to become digital natives, enterprise architects are vital influencers in designing future-state solutions, managing transformation projects, and ensuring technology alignment with business goals. Their expertise is essential to driving successful business transformations.
When asked about how they maintain their presence over the years, Dr. Mohamed explained that a firm’s success and longevity are driven by its expertise and qualified members who have been in the market for decades. Their experience can guide architects towards excellence. However, a firm that stays up-to-date with the market and incorporates fresh perspectives from newly graduated members is what fuels the industry’s evolution.

The future of architecture is exciting as AI technology plays a significant role in shaping it. Architects have many opportunities to leverage AI in creating functional, aesthetically pleasing, sustainable, and environmentally responsible buildings. However, it is essential to approach these technological advancements with caution, responsibility, and ethical consideration. By doing so, architects can harness the power of AI to create innovative and inspiring architecture that positively impacts both individuals and the environment. With further advancements in AI technology, the possibilities for architectural design are limitless.

Projects, selected work

Obsidier Tower

Obsidier Tower is situated in the New Capital, Cairo, and is owned by Dubai Developments. The property includes office space, shops, clinics, supermarkets, and food and beverage establishments. The property size ranges from 47.66 to 1176.54 Sqm.

Lumia Compound

Lumia Residence Compound in the New Administrative Capital is distinguished by its strategic location in the R7 district of the Administrative Capital, The compound extends over an area of ​​36 acres, Lumia Residence Compound features a unique design and spacious spaces that allow residents to enjoy privacy and comfort

White Residence

The White Residence Fifth Settlement project is located in a strategic area in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo. It allows residents to easily access the White Residence project through many main roads and main axes. In addition, the White Residence project is adjacent to many vital landmarks and facilities increasing its attractiveness. The White Residence Fifth Settlement project extends over an area of ​​11 acres, allowing it to provide a wide range of services and features. The White Residence project is characterized by allocating the smallest portion of the space to residential units, providing large spaces for facilities, service areas .

Peerage Compound

Peerage Compound is located directly on North 90th Street, specifically on Suez Road, which makes it easy and comfortable to travel to many areas.
The Peerage Compound comes as a piece of art in the heart of New Cairo with a very excellent area for constructing a medium-sized residential project, by choosing a plot of land of 10 acres, and providing a very small group of residential units, whether they are apartments or duplexes.

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