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ETHMAR is putting the final touches on the fourth round of Investors Hub

ETHMAR is finalizing the latest preparation for the upcoming real estate event ‘Investors Hub” in Riyadh. The fourth round of “Investors Hub” is taking place on 26 September at four seasons hotel Riyadh, the news is buzzing all over the Saudi real estate community and attracting hundreds of big names interested in the new event.

ETHMAR introduced a new concept of events through “Investors Hub” a high-level investment meeting between top-tier real estate developers and senior international investors, the luxurious hub is offering exceptional opportunities for both developers and investors whether with investing opportunities, local and global partnerships, or networking.
There are 9 companies from three countries, Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain, offering their best investment opportunities participating in this round of “Investors Hub”, these companies are SIAC Holding, Arab Developers Holding, First Group Development, Bin Faqeeh Real Estate, Ebny Real Estate Development, Tiger Group, Constructa Developments, Radix Developments, and Margins Developments. The companies participating in the hub are taking equal time to present their best investment opportunities.
Mr. Mohamed Al Husieny, The CEO and the Founder of ETHMAR Company stressed the importance of creating practical tools to satisfy the need for trustworthy events that pave the road for new opportunities and further collaboration. Al Husieny pointed out that the event is unique and plays an important role in elevating the real estate events in the MENA region to a different level, “the business table is hosting royal princes, ambassadors, and senior investors interested in the real estate sector”.
“After a conceptual and practical study based on our tours outside Egypt, and after three rounds of Investors Hub”, Al Husieny explains, “ETHMAR is heading towards creating a new investment environment that helps the participating developers to join one-to-one meetings with senior investors and businessmen outside Egypt to attract investments to their projects.”
“Investors Hub” achieved magnificent success in its first round in February 2022 in Riyadh, with over 270 high-profile guests, and the attendance of Mr. Ahmed Farouk, The Egyptian ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The hub torched the light on so many opportunities untangled before and proved that investing in real estate is still the most preferable option for investors and buyers and that the market is not saturated yet as many are claiming.
Experts predict that the fourth round of “Investors Hub” will be the biggest due to the huge activities undergoing to advertise the event. A long list of sponsors, newspapers, and official guests can be a true indicator of what the event is going to be and the value it offers.
Although “Investors Hub” is taking so much attention, it is not the only event Ethmar is planning to do in 2022, in fact, “Investors Hub” is an activity on the sidelines of The Investor Expo that will take place in October 2022 in Riyadh, attracting more than 13 nationalities and estimated revenue of 1 billion dollars for developers, positioning itself to be the biggest and most awaited real estate event in the Middle East.

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