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Sherif El Domyati to head the Commercial Sector at Prime Development Company.

With experience that exceeds 12 years..

Sherif El Domyati, Head of the Commercial Sector at Prime Development Company.

Sherif El Domyati: Real precedent and ambitious plans reinforce joining Prime Development Company.

Prime Development announced the appointment of Sherif El Domyati as the head of the company’s commercial sector, as part of its plan to work with strong competencies and expertise as part of its expansion plan, which it seeks to implement during the coming period.

Sherif El Domyati has more than 12 years of experience in real estate marketing and heading of the commercial sector. During this period, he gained various cumulative experiences by holding multiple positions in major real estate development companies, where he held different positions in the real estate marketing sector as he worked as a marketing consultant for more than 14 major real estate development companies.

El Domiaty also held the position of Head of the Commercial Sector during the last 3 years at “Atrick” Real Estate Development, “Home Town” Real Estate Development, and “Nakheel” Development. In addition to his contribution to achieving notable successes in these companies, which qualifies him to head the commercial sector at Prime Developments company.

Sherif El Domyati, Prime Development Head of the Commercial Sector, assured that scientific experiences are useful alongside practical ones in the real estate market, as they complete each other, as he got a master’s degree in marketing from Cairo University and a project management professional certificate from PMI in England, which added to his professional experience a scientific side, which benefits in having a broad vision for the real estate marketing profession.

He pointed that continuous innovation in work, and the existence of a carefully studied plan that can be implemented, are essential elements for success in the real estate development sector, and his work at Prime Real Estate Development Company came due to the company’s business precedent which qualifies it to implement its next expansion plan.

He explained that Prime Development aims to expand in new areas and launch about 4 projects in various areas, including the New Administrative Capital, Hurghada, Sheikh Zayed and the Fifth Settlement, and a strong expansion plan was put during the coming period and the commercial sector will play a major role in implementing it.

He added that joining Prime Development includes new responsibilities that he will implement during the coming period based on the company’s strength, his long experience and ambitious plans, so that there will be a new start for the commercial sector at Prime Development.

Prime Development Company is currently implementing “Harmont” project in the New Administrative Capital, which is an administrative commercial project in the Downtown area, and the company also has a business precedent of about 25 real estate and tourism projects in the Red Sea.

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