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Value Architecture… The next destination for real estate developers in engineering designs and access to scientific solutions with physical and economic value.

Value Architecture

The next destination for real estate developers in engineering designs and access to scientific solutions with physical and economic value.

Considering the details of the theory that is applicable in the engineering and architectural consulting sector, namely, “Value Architecture”, which was applied in the Egyptian real estate market since 2020. As well as the physical and moral paradigm shift it adds to both the developer and customers in the real estate market; and the difference between it and value engineering in achieving value and benefit.
In this context, Dr. Faisal explained that with the economic renaissance that Egypt is witnessing and the real estate market is affected by it, especially in light of the State’s support and construction of giant national projects, on top of which came the New Administrative Capital project, which is considered a major urban and economic leap for Egypt. In addition to the competition of real estate developers and the emergence of modern companies in the market and competition among them, especially in architectural designs and others. The developers were keen to present new ideas that can be measured and implemented on the ground, and not just drawings on paper that are impossible to implement. We have introduced the theory of “Value Architecture”, which is an applicable architectural theory, and we succeeded in implementing it through the project of the pedestrian bridge of the Misr University on the 26th of July Axis Road in Sheikh Zayed, in cooperation with the National Contracting Company. Then, we began to apply it to a number of projects that we design and supervise in the New Administrative Capital.
The most important thing that distinguishes this theory is that it provides physical value and solutions to the project without prejudice to the value and quality of the product, but this theory is suitable for service projects such as sanitation projects and others that depend on providing value, unlike urban projects, which are required to provide physical and moral value.
As it provides physical solutions to the developer in rationalizing energy consumption rates and expenditures, as well as the number of workers, along with providing moral value within the facility and giving moral value to the project at the urban level. For example, the pedestrian bridge project of Misr University in Sheikh Zayed, we designed and supervised its implementation, which became not just a bridge for a pedestrian bridge, but the moral value that we added through the designs made it not only a shrine for visitors but a site where many activities and events are organized. As being on it or passing through it made people feel joyful.
Furthermore, Dr. Faisal Abu Al-Azm added that the current projects in the New Administrative Capital need to implement this theory on their projects due to the material rationalization they provide and the great moral value that the client is looking for, and this is what we will announce and put forth strongly during the coming period.
Moreover, Dr. Fahd Abu Al-Azm, Chief Operating Officer added that IEC Engineering Consultants, is an Egyptian-French company that was established twenty years ago in the Egyptian market and expanded in European countries during the past five years through our branch in the French city of Grenoble. IEC ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS is committed to presenting a set of values through its designs to add a positive and civilized urban culture, and out of its belief in the saying “We shape urbanization, and urbanization shapes us.”
Our works began by executing and designing major projects in the cities of Sheikh Zayed and October, then moving east by designing major projects in New Cairo and the Administrative Capital.
In addition, Dr. Fahd noted that IEC ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS owns a successful and huge business precedent for many projects inside and outside Egypt with a turnover exceeding 40 billion pounds.
In addition, Dr. Fahd noted that IEC Engineering Consultants contracted with four season group for real estate development for the Palma project, it is one of the most important and largest real estate projects in downtown, the new administrative capital, and it is an administrative, commercial, medical project.
Also, contracted the g-stone tower for delta development company in the new administrative capital, which is an administrative, commercial, medical project.
And contracted on the win plaza project with capital hills, which is an administrative and commercial project on the 6th of October.

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