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With investments up to 8 billion pounds.. Akam Al-Rajhi launches “Dose” in North Coast as its first project in the Egyptian market.

Akam Al-Rajhi CEO:

The project is located on an area of 125 acres in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Ras Al-Hikma

Edris Mohamed: Preparing a new plan for North Coast that puts Egypt on the world tourism map and attracts more foreign investments

Akam Al-Rajhi CEO: “Dose” project offers the market an innovative philosophical thought to provide its clients the highest levels of happiness

Edris Mohamed: The most difficult challenges we faced were to develop essential solutions before launching the project for all the problems of Sahel clients
Akam Al-Rajhi Development Company launched its first innovative project “Dose”, in the Ras El Hekma in the New North Coast, with a total investment of 8 billion pounds on an area of 125 acres, provided with a number of new and unique services in this very vital area on the new North Coast.
This step reflects the strength of the real estate sector and highlights the extent of the success of the state’s efforts in re-evaluating and planning the northwestern coast as one of the most important investment areas on Egypt’s tourist map during the coming period, and according to the attractiveness of this charming area, which has the third best beach in the world.
Edris Mohamed, Akam Al-Rajhi CEO: whose activities in the real estate sector were announced a few days ago with joint Egyptian-Saudi investments-stated during his speech at the project launching conference, which was attended by a high-level delegation of Egyptian and Saudi businessmen and in the presence of Eng. Abd El Wahab Saleh Al-Rajhi Chairman of  Al-Rajhi Saudi Group, and Eng. Essam Mansour Chairman of Akam Al-Rajhi company and the company’s board members, that the company’s strategy and plans during the coming period depend on expanding in the best vital areas in Egypt, which aligns with the state’s development plans, referring to the urban renaissance that Egypt is witnessing now, which gives a strong and great motive for Egyptian companies working in the field and Arab and foreign investors to expand in the Egyptian market and seize the opportunity of the state’s expansion in establishing new cities and urban projects, especially in the fourth-generation cities, and the state’s interest to develop the northwestern coast, by unifying the mandate and preparing a global plan for the development of this district, which will directly contribute in placing Egypt on the world tourism map and achieve sustainable development in the region.
Mohamed, pointed that  “Dose” is the company’s first  project in the Egyptian market, which provides the Egyptian market with a new and innovative vision for the establishment of a coastal resort comparable to international resorts, and provides practical and fundamental solutions to most of the challenges faced by clients in the North Coast, which makes being inside the project a real pleasure for those wishing to rest, relax and enjoy a wonderful vacation after months of pressure and suffering, pointing that the approach and vision of the company depends primarily on studying and analyzing all the needs and requirements of clients and knowing the most important difficulties they were suffering from and developing solutions to these difficulties and providing them with all means of comfort, luxury, quality of life and happiness in  every corner of the project.
Akam Al-Rajhi CEO: indicated that one of the biggest challenges that faced them before launching the project was to present a different project in terms of the company’s philosophical vision, which cares about human and transforming our projects into vibrant and happy communities, pointing that the choice of “Dose” as a name for the project means to achieve the highest level of happiness within the project, besides our careful consideration of the design and planning of the project in order to be one of the most competitive and attractive projects for clients, due to the intense competition expected in this district during the coming period, which will be decided by the project and its services and its unique service and entertainment privileges, explaining that the company keens on providing the Egyptian market with innovative designs with an architectural taste mixed with modern architecture and aims to meet the needs of the client and places for international services and entertainment with variety different and new to the nature of the Egyptian market.

He pointed that they keen to implement a global project with a beach facade 450 meters long, amid vast water bodies and open areas representing 70% of the project’s area, with artificial lakes on an area 9 acres, to provide a sea view for more than 60% of the units, 30% with full sea view, 10% of the units on the lakes and swimming pools view, in addition to the presence of 30 touristic cave includes private swimming pools to ensure privacy with panoramic view for the sea and the whole project, it also provides a diverse and comprehensive range of services and facilities and distinctive hotel units, a luxury 5-star international hotel, a shopping mall, a private beach, a central kitchen, special kids area offering various activities to develop special skills through playing and innovation, restaurants, cafes, a private club for members on the beach, and the establishment of 7 lagoons along the length of the project and a number of infinity swimming pools, in addition to the project’s enjoyment of a number of units of various sizes, which suit all clients needs.

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