Alaa Shabana Architects, Among the list of builders of the new republic, “The most important and best engineering and architectural offices.”

At Alaa Shabana Architects, Based in 3 Skies Plaza Mall, 5th settlement New Cairo, we successfully expanded with our work throughout Egypt and Saudi Arabia, delivering innovative services starting from designs to contracting and fully finished projects.

Our philosophy aim is to achieve the optimum design solution with the most innovative and creative forms.
We create architecture that isn’t affected by time and is hard to get obsolete.
Alaa Shabana architects are the well deserving winners of Luxury Lifestyle Award, Niche Award 2022 and just before they received “Interior design Award 2021” from CDA 2021.

What Can We Offer?

The experienced design team that we have in Alaa Shabana architects will provide the clients with their needs in the most delightful and unique way.
  • Creating concept: we will help you to get concept you dreamed of.
  • Urban & Architecture Design: individual, aesthetically, stunning, solutions, for customers.
  • Furniture and décor (Interior Design): we create and produce our product design lines.
We pride ourselves on being builders — creating architectural and creative solutions to help people realize their vision and make them a reality.


Alaa Shabana Architects



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