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Capital Hills Developments unites subsidiaries to form a mega entity, expanding the project portfolio

Capital Hills Developments initiates merger of three companies, unveiling bold expansion strategy for the new entity

Capital Hills Developments announced the merger of three entities – Capital Hills West, Capital Hills East, and CHD – into a single huge entity named Capital Hills Developments. This union consolidates all project development responsibilities and customer service for both East and West Cairo. Simultaneously, the company is working on an ambitious expansion plan set to unfold within and beyond Egypt in the near future.
Ahmed Salah, Vice President at Capital Hills Developments, outlined the structure of the three sister companies: Capital Hills East, overseeing projects in East Cairo and New Administrative Capital; Capital Hills West, managing endeavors in West Cairo; and CHD, tasked with a residential project in Sheikh Zayed, merging these entities into one new company, Capital Hills Developments.
He explained that the merger delivers substantial benefits to the new establishment, its clientele, as well as its projects by furnishing a unified strategic vision and a tailored operational plan for all endeavors. Furthermore, it facilitates the incorporation of expertise from within these entities and promotes collaboration within the new entity, ensuring the delivery of top-notch real estate projects to clients.
Salah unveiled key highlights of this year’s expansion strategy in both the Egyptian as well as the broader regional markets. This initiative runs parallel to accelerating the implementation rates of its ongoing projects. The expansion plan builds upon the foundation of its robust past achievements, its standout existing projects, and its commitment to sharing its expertise with clients beyond Egypt’s borders.
He pointed out that Capital Hills Developments’ rapid establishment of a strong reputation in the local market serves as a solid foundation for its international endeavors in the near future. The company intends to commence its expansion into the Gulf region, starting with the Saudi market followed by the Emirati.
The Vice President underlined the robust backing extended by the government to Egyptian real estate companies seeking to export their expertise abroad, constituting a vital facet of real estate export. This not only fosters the expansion of the local economy but also augments foreign currency reserves for Egypt. Emphasizing the company’s distinguished proficiency and financial stability, he noted that strong financial backing bolsters both its domestic and international expansion endeavors.
He elaborated that Capital Hills Developments has swiftly earned the trust of its clients by achieving all hallmarks of excellence. The company meticulously selects project locations to guarantee the optimal return on investment for clients, while ensuring diversity in its project portfolio in terms of both activities and geographical locations.
CEO of Capital Hills Developments, Mostafa Abdallah stated that the company boasts a diverse portfolio of projects spanning East and West Cairo.
He highlighted the company’s achievement of impressive implementation rates across all its projects, underscoring the consolidation of efforts from three separate entities in 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, and Fifth Settlement into a single company. This consolidation empowers the company to deliver top-tier real estate products, catering to various tastes and needs of its clients.
He added that the Capital Hills Developments initiated its urban endeavors across several projects in 6th of October city and Sheikh Zayed city. These include the Park Yard 1 Mall, Wayne Plaza Mall, Capital Towers, Capital Green, and La Colina compound.
He disclosed that in East Cairo, the company has four projects including two ventures situated in the New Administrative Capital, namely the Point 9 and Point 11 projects, marking the company’s inaugural endeavors in the New Capital. This is followed by the Park Point project, a significant administrative and commercial complex featuring unique hotel units. Additionally, the company’s portfolio includes the East Point project located in the heart of the Fifth Settlement in New Cairo.
He concluded that this diverse portfolio of projects underpins the company’s expansion strategy and its commitment to fulfilling the needs of its clientele in both domestic and international markets. Capital Hills intends to introduce two new projects: one spanning 34 acres in East Cairo and another covering 48 acres in West Cairo.

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