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Counsel Masters Unveils Summer Activity Events in North Square New Alamein

Counsel Masters, the esteemed consulting firm renowned for its expertise in commercial agency services and the management of hotels, tourism, and commercial projects, announces the much-anticipated launch of an extraordinary summer season in New Alamein.

These exceptional events are set to coincide with the grand inauguration of North Square, a sprawling entertainment haven, promising unrivaled excitement and sophistication along the breathtaking Mediterranean coastline, offering mesmerizing vistas of the New Alamein Corniche.
Commencing in July and August, the meticulously curated summer activities orchestrated by Counsel Masters will encompass a diverse range of exhilarating sporting events, captivating artistic displays, and enthralling entertainment spectacles, culminating in captivating fashion shows.
Moreover, the illustrious STARSCAPERS awards will be presented to visionary luminaries who have left an indelible mark on the realms of art, sports, culture, and investment.
As the company responsible for managing and operating North Square in New Alamein City, Counsel Masters is steadfastly committed to delivering an avant-garde experience that adheres to the pinnacle of international tourism standards.
By attracting renowned global and local brands, Counsel Masters endeavors to provide an unparalleled experience to both discerning Egyptians and international visitors alike.
Moreover, the company will host an array of recreational activities and seasonal cultural events, all aligned with the national objective of crafting exceptional tourist destinations that meet the loftiest international benchmarks, catering to the esteemed people of Egypt and tourists from across the globe.
George Metri, Chairman of Counsel Masters, expressed the company’s unwavering dedication to curating an exceptionally memorable summer season, leveraging their prowess in managing illustrious tourism projects.
He emphasized the significance of North Square as an esteemed jewel in the Mediterranean coast’s crown, stating that Counsel Masters is impeccably equipped to orchestrate activities befitting this prestigious project, which stands as the epitome of New Alamein City’s grandeur.
Metri further expounded on Counsel Masters’ steadfast commitment to spearheading the management and operation of pioneering tourism projects, implementing robust strategies, and presenting innovative business models that adhere to the latest local and international standards.
By harnessing available resources to their utmost potential, Counsel Masters aims to breathe life into summer activities spanning the realms of recreation, culture, and society, eliciting boundless excitement and cultivating profound interest in this promising region.
The pinnacle of this year’s summer season will undoubtedly be the grand inauguration of North Square, featuring a plethora of exhilarating activities.
Of notable prominence is a spectacular sporting event for illustrious sports celebrities, encompassing a riveting beach soccer tournament and an adrenaline-pumping teqball tournament, a rapidly growing sport seamlessly blending elements of football and table tennis.
The teqball tournament will be graced by the presence of Natalia Guitler, the reigning world champion, alongside a distinguished lineup of football celebrities, including Muhammad Zidan, Ahmed Hassan, Hossam Ghaly, Sayed Moawad, Muhammad Naji Gedo, Muhammad Fadl, Amir Tawfiq, Walid Soliman, Muhammad Hani, Omar Gaber, and Muhammad Fatah.

The tournament will culminate in a spellbinding concert by the renowned Egyptian band, Disco Misr.

In addition to this thrilling teqball tournament, Counsel Masters has meticulously planned a momentous event from August 10th to 13th. This four-day fashion extravaganza will showcase an enchanting array of activities, including an unparalleled shopping and fashion experience on the first day.
Visitors can eagerly anticipate a captivating shopping festival and a mesmerizing fashion show by the esteemed designer, Michael Cinco, on the second and third days.
The event will also feature the participation of distinguished regional, local, and international brands, adding an alluring touch of global glamour.
Counsel Masters takes immense pride in organizing the prestigious STARSCAPERS Awards for Creativity and Innovation, set to be held on August 26th. This remarkable ceremony harmoniously coincides with the inauguration of New Alamein, poised to ascend as the preeminent cultural and innovation hub. The event will pay tribute to the most influential figures in music, art, sports, culture, and investment, honoring their outstanding contributions in bolstering the arts and fostering innovation across all domains.
The STARSCAPERS Awards will be accompanied by enthralling concerts featuring highly acclaimed singing sensations, promising an evening of unparalleled elegance and splendor.

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