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Egypt Africa aluminum composite panel Export produces 12 million meters of Cladding Panels annually

Company seeks to expand and spread in Africa and all countries of the world

Cladding panels are widely used in various architectural decorations, including building exterior walls, building facades, ceilings, columns, facades, and kitchens. Cladding panels are used to protect a building’s structure from natural elements like wind and rain. Still, it can have other benefits, such as insulation and noise control, and it can boost the aesthetic appeal of a building.
Furthermore, cladding have become a modern material in commercial and residential construction, and their effective maintenance is no less important than primary installations.
There are many types of bending materials. However, cladding industry is quite new in Egypt but it considered an important industry and Egypt has great potential in manufacturing and exporting the product abroad.

Cladding material was imported by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, but as part of the state’s quest for localizing industries, it then moved the product to Egypt during the current period, providing the necessary foreign currency for import to boost this industry in the market and meet local needs.
Although manufacturing such a product in Egypt requires specific equipment and machines in order to prepare the raw materials for manufacturing, there are a number of companies that have become leaders in such an industry, including Egypt Africa aluminum composite panel.
Egypt Africa aluminum composite panel is one the most important and largest factories in Egypt and the Middle East in the manufacturing of cladding panels, as the factory contributes to encouraging the local products and the operation and training of the Egyptian workforce.
The factory includes the largest production lines in the world for manufacturing cladding panels with all specifications. The factory provides special sizes in length according to the needs of the global and local markets. Egypt Africa factory also produces more than 300 colors according to the requirements of the global and local markets for façade and kitchens.
The factory contains the largest production lines in the world and produces 12 million meters annually in all sizes, thickness and colors.
The products of the Egypt Africa Factory are characterized by high quality and competitive prices in comparison with cladding factories in different markets. The factory is characterized by the lowest shipping costs compared to shipping from any other country due to Egypt’s distinguished geographical location.
Moreover, the Egypt Africa Factory includes a group of the most competent foreign technicians and consultants with extensive experience in the field of manufacturing cladding panels worldwide and this contributes significantly to the transfer of foreign experience to Egyptian workers.
The company seeks to expand and spread in Africa and all countries of the world due to the quality of the product and the availability of all colors and sizes of competitive prices.

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