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El Riyad Castle contracts with Namaa PFM among Valore El-Thawra project

El Riyad Castle contracts with “Nama PFM” to manage facilities in Valore El-Thawra project among its plan to cooperate with strong entities

Tarek Eid: We plan to implement a distinguished project in cooperation with successful entities in all project’s details

Moustafa Sobhy: We aim to attract international brands to be part of “Valore El-Thawra ” project

El Riyad Castle Development company, contracted with Namaa PFM for facilities management, as part of the company’s plan to contract with strong and distinguished entities within “Valore El-Thawra” project.

The contract was signed by Wassim Taha, CEO of El Riyad Castle Company, and Eng. Moustafa Sobhy, CEO of Namaa PFM Facilities Management, in the presence of officials from both companies.

Tarek Eid, El Riyad Castle Group Board member, said that the company plans to implement a distinguished project in all its details, and aims to cooperate with successful entities that have experience and business precedent in their field, assuring that Namaa PFM for Facilities Management is one of the companies that owns experience in managing global corporate buildings in Egypt.

He added that Namaa PFM Company manages the headquarters of international companies located in Egypt, and has proven efficiency in managing distinguished projects and increasing their value, as El Riyad Castle Development Company aims to increase the investment value of the project as it is a real estate wealth owned by the company and its clients investing in it.

He noted that “Valore El-Thawra” project is a residential, hotel, administrative, commercial project located in the most previleged location in El-Thawra main street, directly next to Almaza City Center, and is located on an area of ​​28,800 meters, and includes commercial, administrative and residential hotel units, in addition to commercial and entertainment activities, and the company started implementing the project last month, in order to be delivered within 3 years.

He pointed that this is the second contract within Valore El-Thawra” project, after contracting with Concorde Hotels & Resorts International Group to provide hotel services and management for the residential activities of the project, in addition to leasing hotel units to project’s clients, besides the company also continues contracting with other entities within the project to be delivered to clients in the best picture.

Eng.Moustafa Sobhy, CEO of Namaa PFM for Facilities Management, assured that cooperation with El Riyad Castle Company is a strong addition to the company’s business portfolio and the projects that it manages, and the company plans to work in a distinctive and unique way that achieves the element of excellence for Valore El-Thawra project, to be a landmark in its area.

He showed that Namaa PFM role, will start from the project planning stage and supervise the feasibility of the drawings submitted by the consultant to ensure the efficiency of operation and the volume of the return so that all details and elements affecting the operation are taken into consideration from the first step, and put the mechanisms that ensure rapid implementation with high quality and lower cost, in addition to taking into account the standards of sustainability and green building in the project to keep pace with global and local trends in the field of implementing sustainable projects.

He added that his company is making notes on proposals with working contracting companies, while attracting brands to be present within the project, on the project’s smart operation and management, after the completion of its implementation and start operating.

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