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Engineer Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair won membership in the New Cairo Developers Association.

The Board of Directors of the New Cairo Developers Association announced that Engineer Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair won membership in the Association’s Board of Directors and renewed confidence for a new electoral period to complete the series of successes achieved by the Association during the past period.

This came during the announcement of the results of the elections conducted by the association last week under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and in the presence of a higher committee formed to supervise the conduct of the electoral process and with the participation of 25 candidates competing for 11 seats, which are the seats on the association’s board of directors, which includes more than 180 companies from the major developers of New Cairo and the capital New administrative.
Engineer Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair had presented a strong electoral program that included completing what was started in the association’s board of directors, which is the first elected board of directors established for the association, and working to increase the opportunities for real estate companies that are members of the association to obtain distinguished services from departments and bodies, as well as working to prepare engineering alternatives and solutions, To reduce costs, work to create investment opportunities, form partnerships emanating from the association’s members, and develop the association’s administrative structure to quickly respond to members’ requests, as well as paying attention to the educational aspect of the system’s members, including sales, marketing, and engineering management, and working to increase the service and social aspect of the association’s members and their staff.
It is worth noting that Engineer Mahmoud Abu Al-Khair is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Jadir Group for Real Estate Development and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of I Capital Real Estate Investment Company.
And member of the Board of Directors of the New Cairo and New Administrative Capital Developers Association.
He also serves as a member of the Real Estate Investment Division of the Egyptian Chamber of Commerce.
And membership in the Egyptian Businessmen Association.
The association is the first of its kind specialized in the real estate market and includes the largest developers to discuss and address real estate challenges and aims to advance the most important sector in the Egyptian economy. These elections are the second since the association was established.
The New Cairo Developers Association contributed to solving many of the problems faced by the association’s businessmen members, especially with regard to the real estate sector, and it was the link between businessmen and officials to overcome the challenges of the real estate sector.
It also contributed to issuing many recommendations to clients and businessmen together, and it also played a major role in issuing the new building code for garages within residential projects.

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