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Expert tips: Real estate investment for beginners In Egypt.

If you have decided to start investing in the real estate sector in Egypt, then these tips would ensure that your investments are easily carried out. For starters there are several types for real estate investments in Egypt that you could choose to invest in.

Each type of real estate investment has its very own potential benefits and pitfalls, thus we encourage you to become familiar with all niches and specialize in one in Egypt’s real estate sector.

Firstly, research and study the market cycle that exists currently in Egypt. Whether the prices are at its peak or fall, this could only be identified if you’re familiar with Egypt’s real estate market prices.


Secondly, choose the property type that suits you best, from studios to apartment buildings and villas, Egypt’s properties vary wildly. Your revenues and personal preferences should help while deciding on which real estate in Egypt you would invest in.

Thirdly: Studying Egypt’s market, furthermore, know and study Egypt’s market. This depends on whether you would like to sell or rent your real estate property to a family or tourists. Deciding on your market before even purchasing a property in Egypt helps you figure what you should provide and offer for them. This would also help you create a financial plan that fits your budget and generates the revenues you desire. Egypt’s real estate market is prosperous with high capital gains.

Fourthly: Finally, find out your actual budget and potential property margins, to calculate how much income you would be able to generate that would ensure that your investment in Egypt’s real estate is profitable. Choosing to invest in real estate in Egypt should be viewed as a long term investment, as real estate is a slow asset to liquidate. It may take time to liquidate it, but it promises cashing in high revenues after a while. After all Egypt’s real estate sector is predominantly a strong sector.

Once you get the hang of real estate investments in Egypt, it becomes easy to manage and leaves you with high return. The key to maximum profits is to look closely at Egypt’s diversified real estate market. For further tips, read Guides to Buying Real Estate in Egypt.

Investing in real estate for the first time can seem a very daunting task, particularly for first-time buyers. However, real estate investment can also be a great asset, and a steady income source.

So there is a list of tips for first-time buyers to keep in mind when looking for real estate in Egypt.

Location is key

When looking at where to invest in a city, location and accessibility is key. Proximity and connectivity to  main squares, good shopping areas, great health facilities and dining will always be a positive whether you are buying the property for personal use or as an investment. If buying for yourself, decide on the kind of lifestyle you’d like to be around and choose the location accordingly.

Should I say yes to brands?

Branded residences are a great option for first-time buyers as they are usually managed and linked to a prestigious development group and offer additional services and amenities to regular homes and apartments. They are also a safer investment option when compared to others, especially for international investors or first-time investors, as they offer brand recognition and trust. While they tend to be slightly more expensive than others, the pros are worth the extra investment.

Lifestyle benefits and amenities

When buying property, you want to make sure to get the most out of your budget. Always look for developments that offer access to premium lifestyle benefits such as a swimming pool, gym, on-site car washing and parking spaces as well as state-of-the-art and energy efficient electrical and water amenities. These will help you save costs in the long run while also driving up resale value.

Rent ability and return on investment (ROI)

If you are looking to rent out the property when you are not using it yourself, or perhaps thinking of selling it later, then you need to ensure that the development will get you a good return on investment (ROI). Homes that are centrally located and offer added lifestyle benefits will always be more attractive and easier to rent out.

Short term


long term rentals.


While long-term rental contracts offer stability, short-term rentals can offer higher yields in the long run. This is especially great if you want to use the property personally during certain periods of the year as a holiday home. Instead of keeping the property locked up for the remainder of the year, you can get some financial gain.


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