Interior Where wood and concrete meet.

There’s something quite beautiful about the amalgamation of the materials wood and concrete within an interior design. Taking one strong gift from nature, and the other a strong triumph of man-made ingenuity. The warmth and texture of natural wooden elements just sing against the cold hard drama of gray concrete in a home decor scheme, allowing each element a moment in the spotlight. Here, we have a great opportunity to tour not one but four different home designs that each incorporate the wood and concrete duo to excellent and individual effect, showing the visual versatility of the combo. Let’s take a look around.

Project Honka

This 420 square meter apartment in Kiev, Ukraine, uses a gorgeous thick slab of wood set over a concrete countertop in the kitchen area. A perfect stage on which to set your wine glasses at the end of a long working day. The tactile and visual warmth of the wood continues underfoot and continues seamlessly up and over the full entertainment wall. The end result is a cozy cocoon, almost like a highly contemporary cabin for stylish getaways in the woods.

A sectional gray sofa picks up on the hue of the concrete whilst a black coffee table and matching pitcher take the color story a little darker.

A set of vibrant yellow modern dining chairs really zing against another backdrop of moody gray over a mixed tone wooden floor. A large metal chandelier overhead provides another eye-catching statement piece

A dominating wall of concrete slabs provide an atmospheric mount for a piece of highly colorful modern art. A stand-alone piece of designer furniture adds to the gallery tone. The wooden floor here provides all of the warmth, transforming the space into an inviting area where you might just stay a moment to appreciate the duration.

In the bedroom it’s the wardrobe that ties in with the gray concrete wall, along with the plain bedclothes and simple pendant light shade.

The shower area is clad with wood, an unusual choice for a wet room.

A stylish soap dispenser nestles neatly beside the basin, whilst the faucets are wall mounted above.


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