5 Home Decor Trends For 2018 Summer.

Every well-designed home always has some essence of personality set on it. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a tiny studio or a mansion. Choosing the right décor for your home can tell a lot about you as an individual too. You can use this spring to clean and refresh your home. Add a little more color to it and make it livelier than it is now. One of the best things about choosing a new décor trend for your home this summer is that it is also a way of creating more space for your beautiful finds. You will be able to show your true personality during this summer period with some of the best home décor trends this 2018. Let’s help you take a look at some of the trends below.

Face it

Last year, you would have noticed plenty of eye and hand motifs who were set to decorate everything from rugs to pillows to wall art. And this year, you can choose to double down on that trend and include more of full-face designs which are quite unique. Not to mention a little thrilling as well.
Whimsical industrial


One of the best décor trends that have stood the test of time is the wood-and-steel industrial home décors. For one, this décor is quite easy to mix-and-match, is durable and practical as well compared to today’s industrial décor which is more whimsical and a lot less masculine. This summer, the industrial décor will employ more smooth curves, artfully angled legs, and pale hues which should bring lightness to these durable materials.

Confetti-like terrazzo

You can say terrazzo is the current pattern for this summer season after seeing it pop up virtually almost everywhere you turn to. It is one of the funny ways you can apply to add pops of color or print into tiny and unexpected places. Terrazzo has now stretched beyond the familiar countertop and flooring finishes you used to know. Many sellers are now incorporating more patterns that are inspired by confetti-like composite into pillows, ceramics, and even is clear that the trend is going to become more explosive this year as well.


Mindfulness over matter

Another trend which has been looming and growing for a while now is the mindfulness purchases, especially for the home décor trends. People are only now just realizing the importance of self-care in their own spaces. You can look at the incense holders, essential oils, and meditation poufs this year and pick from there. This classy décor trend simply proves that there are many different ways you can use to ensure a balanced home which will also soothe all of your senses.

The liquid effects


This is, by no doubt, the trend to watch. The liquid effect is the current newest home trend you want to keep an eye out for in this summer season.

This home décor trend is so unique and eye-catching which makes it the more enticing to try out in your home this summer period.



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