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Hazi Misr Exhibition to be launched next October in Jeddah and Riyadh in an extraordinary round.

Al-Nayrouz Exhibitions announces the launch of the Hazi Misr Exhibition tour next October/ November in Saudi Arabia in an extraordinary round.

Al-Nayrouz Company for Organizing Exhibitions announced its plan to launch an exceptional tour of the Hazi Misr Exhibition beginning with Jeddah at the end of October and ending Riyadh at the beginning of November, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with the participation of major Egyptian real estate development companies.
Eng. Eslam Burhan, Chairman of Al-Nayrouz Exhibitions, said that his company has succeeded in organizing 21 editions of the exhibition over the past 11 years in several promising Arab markets. These exhibitions witnessed the attendance of more than 60,000 clients and achieved strong sales for the participating companies. He pointed out that this success enhances the company’s expansion plans to be present in various regional markets.
He added that there are historical and economic relations between Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which enhance the exchange of experiences and the diversity of investments in both countries. In addition, there are Egyptian clients working in Saudi Arabia and Saudi citizens who have a desire to own real estate in Egypt, which supports strong sales for the participating companies in the exhibition. He mentioned that the choice of Jeddah and Riyadh to host the exhibition is due to the strong demand in the two cities.
He stated that the company is preparing the exhibition to receive 10,000 visitors during the next edition in Jeddah and Riyadh, especially considering the great diversity in the projects offered at the exhibition. There will be presentations of offers and payment systems that stimulate clients’ purchasing decision-making. He also mentioned that the distinction of the Egyptian real estate product and the competition among companies will help clients choose the best among the multiple offerings in one place.
Eng. Haytham Borhan, Vice Chairman of Al-Nayrouz Exhibitions, noted that the previous round of the exhibition was a great success. It was organized in Riyadh and attracted 6,000 visitors. This success encourages the company to organize a new edition to support this impressive achievement and meet the strong demand from clients in Saudi Arabia to buy real estate in Egypt, whether for Egyptians working there or for Saudi clients.
He assured that New Alamein attracted the attention of clients during the summer season of 2023, mainly due to the unprecedented achievements implemented in the city, the presence of life in the city, and the operational projects. Additionally, there is a focus on the entertainment aspect and various activities that inform people about the great development that has taken place in New Alamein city.
He pointed out that the state has succeeded in attracting the attention of clients from outside Egypt towards New Alamein, as it is considered a model for fourth-generation cities. This reflects the development of the Egyptian real estate product and enhances its tendency to compete globally. He mentioned the importance of foreign exhibitions in conveying this honorable image of the Egyptian product’s development and the existence of multiple opportunities to own property in this promising market.

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