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Ibtkar Real Estate implemented 11 real estate projects in the Andalus region in New Cairo, with investments exceeding 100 million pounds

Ibtkar Real Estate Development Company implemented 11 real estate projects in the Andalus region in New Cairo, where these projects were launched in phases, in addition to real estate projects in other regions.

The company has many projects in New Cairo in many areas, explaining that the company is currently offering 11 projects in the Andalus region in New Cairo, with various areas starting from 155 square meters, said Ali Arafa, General Manager of Sales, Ibtkar Real Estate Development Company.
He continued, “The investments of these projects exceed EGP 100 million, explaining that the company has an ambitious plan to increase its investments during the coming period, noting that the demand for the real estate sector will not stop, because it is the most high-return investment compared to other sectors.”
He pointed out that the real estate sector during the coming period is witnessing the filtration of many companies that do not have experience and that did not include a group of human cadres to get out of the current crisis in light of the price increase, explaining that companies that continue to rely on real feasibility studies for their projects in light of the continuous increases Building Materials.
He stressed that the real estate sector is also witnessing, during the coming period, many mergers between real estate companies, in order to withstand the changes that occur in the real estate sector.

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