Maxim Mall has announced the opening of the first branch of The General Department of Passports, Immigration, and Nationality.

This significant milestone aims to provide services to all citizens and residents requiring passport issuance procedures.

The branch of the General Administration of Passports, Immigration, and Nationality at Maxim Mall stands out for its provision of high-quality services. Equipped with a fully functional office and a team of trained employees, individuals can effortlessly complete all their passport-related transactions. This efficient service ensures that citizens and residents can obtain their services quickly and efficiently, saving them time and effort.
The new branch offers a comprehensive range of passport issuance services, including initial issuance, renewals, and replacement passports in case of loss. It provides a comfortable and supportive environment, with a professional team available to assist and support individuals throughout the necessary steps to successfully complete their transactions.
Moreover, visitors can enjoy the shopping experience at Maxim Mall, which features a variety of stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities.
The General Administration of Passports, Immigration, and Nationality branch at Maxim Mall operates from Sunday to Thursday, from 9 am to 8 pm, excluding Fridays.
To avail passport services, clients are required to provide certain documents, such as the original passport for renewal, a valid ID, four personal photos with a white background, and proof of conscription if applicable.
This opening signifies a crucial advancement in facilitating government services, enabling citizens to conveniently complete their governmental procedures while enjoying their visit to Maxim Mall. Consequently, the mall becomes a destination not only for entertainment and shopping but also for seamlessly accomplishing government transactions.