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Square Seven expands with 8 branches in America and Canada as part of its plan to export Egyptian real estate

Ali Abdel Ghaffar: We concentrate on marketing real estate projects in new markets among the state’s plan to export real estate.

Miranda Guirguis: We are targeting new markets and new clients through 8 new branches.

Seeking to open new markets and reach new clients outside Egypt, Square Seven announced granting the franchise right to new branches in 8 American states.

Ali Abdel Ghaffar, CEO and founder of Square Seven, said that the company highlights on the foreign market, which is distinguished by the presence of a large number of clients of different nationalities, have great purchasing power and wish to own real estate units in the Egyptian market, whether they are Egyptian clients immigrating abroad or Arab ones or foreigners.
He added that Square Seven is the first Canadian-Egyptian real estate marketing and asset management company that expands with 8 branches in the United States of America, through the franchise right in Florida, Boston, Washington, Carolina, Dallas, Houston and Ohio, in order to apply to the strong demand in these states for real estate in Egypt and in partnership with Arab and Egyptian experts in the field of real estate marketing and sales in these states.
He pointed that the largest real estate exhibition was organized in Canada last June, which witnessed the participation of 10 major real estate development companies, besides organizing a seminar to integrate with the exhibition, as the company focuses on continuously introducing the most prominent opportunities available in real estate export abroad file, and introducing the size of development that Egypt is currently witnessing and the inauguration of a generation of new cities.
Miranda Guirguis, a founding partner of Square Seven, added that working in America and Canada targets a new market that will provide a lot for real estate developers who own a portfolio of projects capable of global competition, which benefits the Egyptian real estate export file abroad, referring to conducting market studies on the states in which the branches have been opened, to confirm the presence of great demand for them, and reaching clients through a network of Egyptian and Arab real estate experts in these different states.
She indicated that the company had contacted a number of experts and real estate marketers in Cyprus, Greece, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and they welcomed working in alliances for investment and contribution in the Egyptian market, as well as exporting experiences in real estate development to some of these countries, and the company received many requests to obtain real estate in Egypt after these alliances, so these new branches were launched to achieve communication between companies and targeted clients.
Ali Abdel Ghaffar assured that Square Seven is constantly looking for mechanisms to deliver the real estate product to foreign clients outside Egypt, in conjunction with the current diversity of Egyptian real estate products and the presence of strong demand for them from many clients, indicating the importance of the national role imposed on Egyptian companies to attract foreign investments to Egypt.
He pointed that the company has a plan to cooperate with any real estate developer who aims to market his projects outside Egypt and reach a larger client base who have purchasing power and a desire to own units abroad, as these projects are marketed through multiple mechanisms, including real estate exhibitions and direct marketing to clients.
She added that the company’s office in Canada and its new branches make it a permanent reference for clients to receive their inquiries and follow up on the conditions of their properties in Egypt, besides the company has a cooperation agreement with Vista company to manage hotel units owned by clients, in order to ensure continuous returns to clients out of these units throughout the year, which reflects the caring of clients investments and follow-up after sales.

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