Dr. Abdel Hamid Al-Wazir: Condemns the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip

Gaza is witnessing brutal acts that claimed the lives of thousands and hundreds of Palestinian civilians by the Israeli occupation, explaining that 70% of the victims of the Israeli aggression are children, women and the elderly, said Dr. Abdel Hamid Al-Wazir, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arabisk Real Estate Development Company and Chairman of the Support and Follow-up Committee of the New Cairo Developers Association.

He stressed that the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip will negatively affect the economy of the Middle East and the global economy, expecting that if this aggression on the Gaza Strip continues, its consequences will be worse than the Russian-Ukrainian war on the global economy due to the multiplicity of parties to the conflict.
Al-Wazir said that the Israeli plan to displace the Palestinian people from Gaza to Sinai is something that was condemned by most of the peoples of the world, and that the Egyptian will strongly responded to it, explaining that the Palestinian people are steadfast in the face of any aggressive aggression from the Israeli side.
He pointed out that opening the Rafah crossing for aid to enter the Gaza Strip is necessary to save the Palestinian people, as the Rafah crossing was opened and many trucks of medicine, food, and clothing entered to meet the necessary needs of civilian citizens, as the Rafah crossing is the main gateway between the residents of Gaza and the outside world, as it connects Egypt and the Gaza Strip, while other Gaza crossings link it to Israel.

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