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El Gazzar Follows up on Projects’ Implementation in New Qena and West Qena.

Assem El Gazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, explains that several housing units for low-income “Social Housing” are being implemented in New Qena and West Qena.

The step falls in line within the presidential initiative “Housing for All Egyptians,” as well as “Sakan Misr” project in West Qena.

The housing sector in West Qena includes 30 residential buildings comprising 720 housing units in “Sakan Misr” project and the implementation of 26 buildings comprising 624 housing units for low-income “Social Housing,” in addition to finishing 110 social housing buildings comprising 2,640 housing units for limited income.

For his part, Mostafa Saeed Ahmed, head of the New Qena Development Authority and the supervisor of West Qena, indicates that the utility projects being implemented in West Qena include infrastructure works, such as drainage, water, irrigation, roads, and networks with ​​1,400 acres for phase I.

Mostafa clarifies that the service sector- related projects in New Qena City feature a 175-bed hospital is underway in the club’s area in the northern extension of the first residential neighborhood, in addition to a 15-acre youth center. The implementation of the traffic licensing unit next to Zone 4 in the extension of the second residential neighborhood is completed.

In the housing sector, 59 residential buildings, comprising 1,416 housing units, are implemented within “Social Housing” project’s fifth phase, including connection to utility networks and the remaining works of the sewage plant project, the implementation of the neighborhood electricity network, the tourist and entertainment district, the regional service district, and the city service center.

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