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InvestGo receives great demand from investors, developers to cooperate with 8 major American brands attracted by the company to Egyptian market

InvestGo receives huge requests from investors and entrepreneurs to cooperate with American brands that are present for the first time in Egyptian market

These brands are promising opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors, says Maximos Behnan.

We have launched a huge forum to announce all details to entrepreneurs and investors, says John Gamil.

InvestGo LLC announced receiving huge requests from investors, entrepreneurs and real estate developers to cooperate with the eight brands that the company succeeded in attracting for the first time to the Egyptian market, which are major American brands, associated with various investment fields.
CEO of Investgo Maximos Behnan said that these high-quality brands are present in the Egyptian market for the first time, which makes them distinct investment opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as investors in retail sector, as well as the presence of these global brands in the Egyptian market is a point of attraction for more other brands.
Behnan noted that trademarks that have been contracted to enter the Egyptian market vary between several fields namely food and beverages, co-working spaces, marketing and advertising, and consulting services, which is a strong diversity that reflects the distinction of these brands, as it is a distinguished job opportunity for Egyptian entrepreneurs in Egypt.
He elaborated that franchising provides many advantages such as the right to use a trademark that has a name and history, with the availability of already tested business models, and continuous support is provided by franchisor that increases project’s chances of success because it is a successfully tested version, accordingly, it is the preferred business model for Investors.
The company’s CEO pointed out that these franchises are famous for providing high-quality products and services, and are expected to receive a strong response in the Egyptian market, especially with the company conducting necessary market studies to identify investors preferences in several economic fields, along with elements of distinction that these brands enjoy.
InvestGo company held a huge forum on Thursday and Friday, 16 and 17 March, at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski Hotel in New Cairo, to announce more details about these brands, elements of their distinction and investment returns that benefit those wishing to work within these brands. The forum was held for entrepreneurs and investors interested in learning more about these franchises.
For his part, CEO of InvestGo Egypt John Gamil said that the company presented these franchises at its huge ceremony last Thursday and Friday, stated, “The event provided a great opportunity for project owners and investors, while helping them learn more about privileges and explore potential business opportunities that these franchises offer.”
Gamil explained that InvestGo is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors in Egypt achieve their goals in their various projects. They can contact InvestGo to find out more information about the eight American franchises and the launch event.
The company is working hard to provide all information that target customers need about these brands, he concluded.

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