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JD HOLDING targets to expand with investment portfolio 10 billion pounds during 2024

JD Holding plans to expand in new cities and urban areas with investments 10 billion pounds

JD Holding company announced launching an expansion investment plan based on an ambitious strategic plan and a promising future vision,
aiming to implement it in real estate market during 2024 with investments 10 billion pounds, through which the company aims to seize more investment opportunities and achieve the greatest amount of diversity in its investment portfolio.
Dr. Ahmed Attia Aletr, JD Holding Chairman, said that the global economy is facing challenges which affected all countries, and despite these challenges which affected also local real estate market, the company is continuing to implement its expansion and ambitious investment plans, in parallel with the implementation of its working projects, due to a specific plan which the company operates, taking into consideration all global and local economic variables.
He assured that there are strong investment opportunities available, as a result of the comprehensive urban development that the state is currently implementing, noting that they are only available to serious and ambitious companies with strong experience and high financial solvency, pointing that all these requirements are available in JD Holding, which encourages the company to seize these opportunities, noting that the company is planning for investments within 2.6 billion pounds by the end of 2023.
He added that the company is planning to expand its work by offering various residential and investment projects, pointing that this diversity will be in the nature of the project activities, which will vary between residential, commercial, administrative and medical, as well as diversity in the locations of these projects, between new and coastal cities, as the company will expand in new cities and regions, including Fifth Settlement, in addition to its presence in the New Administrative Capital.
He showed that the company concentrates on choosing distinctive locations in all its projects in order to ensure achieving a high investment return for the company and its clients, as the strategic location for a project ensures achieving the highest return on investment, regardless the project’s activity, whether residential, commercial, or administrative, besides the company also aims to achieve the greatest possible diversity in its investment portfolio to suit its current and targeted clients.
He explained that the company is implementing “Riverside Twin Tower” project, which is a commercial, administrative project in the Downtown in ​​the New Administrative Capital, which includes two similar towers consisting of 14 floors, which managed to attract the clients attention and demand, which made the company achieve strong sales in record time.
He showed that the company is studying the investment opportunities available in the real estate market to choose what suits its plans, besides the continuous clients demand to buy real estate as a safe haven for investment and savings, enhances the company’s expansionary investment plans.

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