Marakez and SuperPark Egypt join Forces to elevate the Entertainment Experience in Cairo!

Exciting Partnership Unveiled, Marakez and SuperPark Egypt join Forces to elevate the Entertainment Experience in Cairo.

SuperPark comes all the way from the Nordic Region to the Mall of Arabia

MARAKEZ welcomes unforgettable indoor adventures with the inaugural of the Finnish mega indoor SuperPark opening for the first time in Egypt at the Mall of Arabia.
MARAKEZ – the leading award-winning mixed-use real estate developer, is thrilled to announce its partnership with SuperPark United, a Finnish all-in-one unique purpose-built indoor activity park, to introduce an exhilarating experience at the Mall of Arabia.
The much-anticipated grand opening is set to take place on May 11th 2024. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in providing high-quality entertainment options for adventure and fun-seeking residents and visitors of the Mall of Arabia.
Hailing from Finland, the happiest country in the world, SuperPark is set to bring its state-of-the-art adventure to Cairo. Catering to families, friends, and kids, SuperPark Egypt offers a unique blend of safe adventures, entertainment, education, and interactive play structures. The concept not only promotes fun and joy but also emphasizes health-conscious entertainment.
Ashraf Maklad, MARAKEZ’s Chief Commercial Officer, stated, “We are delighted to join forces with SuperPark to bring this innovative and exciting entertainment concept to the Mall of Arabia. At MARAKEZ, we believe in the “Power of Place” and how it creates powerful experiences.
We take our developments to the next level by connecting people and allowing them to create memorable, enduring experiences. SuperPark’s focus on mega global entertainment trends aligns with our vision of creating seamlessly vibrant and engaging spaces in our communities”.
‘’SuperPark is not just a park, it’s an embodiment of hope, laughter and togetherness’’ said Mark Moawad, Chief Executive Officer of SuperPark Egypt. ‘’I wanted to contribute to a meaningful project during these difficult times in our beloved country, and I’m so proud to unveil a visionary project that will redefine entertainment and uplift spirits during this challenging period, aiming to provide a haven where our people can escape, refresh and experience moments with pure joy. I believe that this new concept will play a crucial role in inspiring our people to keep moving, whatever the situation is. Bringing SuperPark from the Nordic region to Cairo was a significant endeavor. It demanded a collaborative development effort between SuperPark United in Finland and our dedicated local team. Together, we worked tirelessly to breathe life into this project, ensuring its successful launch in Cairo. We would also like to express our gratitude to the local community for their support, especially MARAKEZ.”
Expressing his excitement about expanding SuperPark to Egypt and about this collaboration with MARAKEZ, Juha Tanskanen, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SuperPark commented, “Humbly Finnish and proudly global, we are delighted to share the news of SuperPark’s inaugural branch opening at the Mall of Arabia, MARAKEZ’s flagship pioneering project, in May 2024.
The anticipation for this milestone in Egypt is a key part of our ambitious global expansion, with a focus on enriching experiences across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North Africa, Europe, and North America. We’re thrilled to bring the excitement of SuperPark to Egypt and contribute to the vibrant atmosphere at the Mall of Arabia”.
The Mall of Arabia’s SuperPark offers a diverse set of indoor activities with three main themed areas spanning around 1000 sqm, covering more than 23 unique activities with different games and high-tech experiences, corporate team-building sessions, and special event concepts that will bring to everyone, especially the parents and their kids, the joy of stress-free exercise and socializing while reminding all visitors that we are made to move.
Among the three themed areas at SuperPark at the Mall of Arabia is the Adventure Area, which is often popular among those seeking an adrenaline rush while experiencing a glimpse of adventure and sharing unforgettable moments with their loved ones. This area includes challenging activities such as climbing structures, the adventure city, and sliding mountains, among many others.
The second area is the Game Arena, offering kids, families, and groups a wide variety of high-tech interactive, and engaging sports-related games. This area mainly includes Super Pinball, Ball Wall, Super Arena, Super Hoop, and Super Run, in addition to many other games.
The third one is the Freestyle Hall, which specifically caters to the needs of those brave spirits from kids, teenagers, and young adults. This area features a trampoline, airbag plus free drops, bounce track, and other structures that encourage the guests to explore their agility and strength.
Mall of Arabia’s entertainment offerings grow with the addition of the leading indoor activity park – SuperPark. MARAKEZ brings to Cairo in general and to the mall in particular a unique activity concept with charming realms and a safe fun zone for everyone, where each area offers an exceptional adventure and a unique blend of physical and digital attractions with European safety measurements.
SuperPark will be a haven for families seeking engaging and memorable moments through a moving and digitized concept.
With its commitment to creating good experiences and giving back to the community, MARAKEZ’s Mall of Arabia has always been at the forefront of the Egyptian entertainment scene, fostering creativity and innovation.
It continues to push boundaries and inspire with its groundbreaking collaborations. Through the launch of SuperPark, the mall remains dedicated to providing a safe space for movement, excitement, friendship, and fun to people of all ages while creating a memorable experience for fun and adventure-seeking enthusiasts.

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