OLX Egypt on how the global situation affected the electronics demand & supply

The monthly report of OLX Egypt revealed the most supplied and highest demand electronics in September, and analyzed results related to global economic developments and circumstances that affected local economy and the value of pound against dollar, as well as the impact of these factors on the behavior of consumers.

OLX highlighted the difference between supply and demand for new electronic products versus used electronic products, and the rate of change in supply and demand for new electronic products in comparative periods.
Mobiles ranked first in terms of the most offered categories in September, followed by electronics and home appliances, then computers and accessories, then living room requirements followed by animals then accessories and cosmetics came in the last place.
The report noted that mobiles were the most demanded products in September, then bedroom components, followed by animals, after that video equipment and children’s toys, afterwards laptops, refrigerators and deep freezers.
The report pointed out that the rate of change between supply and demand for new electronic products in first quarter (Q1) compared to the third quarter (Q3) of this year, as the percentage of demand for new electronic products increased by 6% compared to a decrease in supply by 43% due to economic circumstances that affected the value of Egyptian pound against dollar.
Additionally, the percentage of supply and demand for used electronic products also changed during the Q1 compared to Q3, as demand increased by 23% compared to a decrease in supply by 16%. The comparison between the Q1 and Q3 is mainly due to the period before global economic circumstances that affected markets in all countries, including the Egyptian market, and the appreciation of dollar against the Egyptian pound, according to the report.
OLX disclosed that the appreciation of customs dollar led to an increase in value of many new imported electronic products, which was offset by increase in volume of supply and demand of used electronic products on OLX to meet customer requirements.

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