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At R.O.I Development, we personify the fusion of experience and innovation in real estate development and investment. Crafted by an experienced team, our approach seamlessly combines years of industry insight since 2005, unwavering dedication, and a shared passion for transforming spaces into thriving communities.

Our journey started with a vision to redefine investment in real estate, leveraging our deep market understanding and fresh perspectives. Each project becomes a canvas where expertise meets imagination, resulting in spaces that are suitable for investors.
Built on trust, integrity, and relentless commitment to excellence, R.O.I Development sets new industry benchmarks. With an acute grasp of market trends and a skill of spotting investment opportunities, we lead in thoughtful and strategic development.
Mr. Ahmed Nayef-Chairman declared that establishing R.O.I Development came after the increasing investment in the commercial sector worldwide, it reached 13.3 trillion dollars, while in residential sector investment reached 5.9 trillion dollars in 2022 with 20% increase from previous years.

On-the-other-hand Mr. Alaa ElRouby- Vice President R.O.I Development is proudly announcing that R.O.I Development is intruding the Egyptian market after a quite successful profitable experience outside Egypt with total investments more than 11billion Egyptian Pounds.
“Here, in R.O.I we invest all our accrued years of experience into every project, nurturing each endeavor with the aspirations of many and inviting you to invest your hopes and dreams in our future projects” Mr. Alaa ElRouby added
R.O.I Development first project is DOWNTOWN October with its unique location in first district-October city on 7800sqm land and 7286sqm BUA, 3minutes from all accessible main roads like Mehwer 26July, El-Hosary axis and Central Mehwer.
DOWNTOWN October is not only unique in its location but also the diversity of units’ activities (commercial, hotel apartments, medical, administrative and entertainment).
DOWNTOWN strategy is to facilitate investment opportunities for investors through providing new concept in real estate products through small area starting 26sqm up to 1000sqm hypermarket. R.O.I Development believes in family that’s why dedicated a kids’ area not less than 1000sqm
R.O.I Development in the upcoming year will launch many real estate projects in the most distinguished locations  in October, Hadayek October, Elhezam Elakhdar and ElSheikh Zayed.

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