DCI Plus plans to expand and provide benefits for developers

We adopt an expansion plan that matches the construction boom in local market and presents innovative ideas to support developers, says Morsy

DCI Plus is planning to expand in and outside Egypt after achieving great success this year, according to its Chairperson Waleed Morsy.

Morsy said that his office aims to provide added value in the field, which includes focusing on projects that comply with sustainability standards, as well as adopting an expansion plan that matches the construction boom in the local market, and presenting innovative ideas to support developers.
He added that consulting offices have become major partners with real estate developers in the project phases, providing attractive elements and maximizing the land use efficiency.
Morsy noted that the engineering consulting and architectural design sector is one of the most important current development sectors, as it plays a major role in protecting real estate developers from the fluctuations of the economic situation by completing projects with high efficiency and accuracy and reducing costs.
Morsy elaborated that engineering consulting companies are considered the main driver of real estate development, as the growth and expansion of these companies reflects the development of urban renaissance in light of the developers’ race to obtain the best designs and advice from consultants.
He said: “The consultant must understand all aspects of the project, such as marketing, design, licensing, construction, operation, and the nature of the project’s business. The consultant at this stage must have a future vision to understand the design process in the present and the future.”
He revealed that the consultant must find a competitive edge that is reflected in the design, to succeed in achieving the developer’s goals and have a competitive advantage in the market locally and globally. This is achieved by understanding the market developments locally and globally and using all the sustainability tools to achieve them practically, not theoretically, which results in saving and operating mechanisms.
Furthermore, consultant must begin to understand all the project’s marketing, design, licensing, constructions, operations and the nature of the project. Accordingly, consultant at this stage must have a future vision to understand the design process at the present time and in the future.
He pointed out that the pace of time has become very fast, and therefore the consultant must have a vision for the near and distant future.
He added: “It is necessary to understand mechanisms and developments of market locally and globally. It is necessary to understand the future dimensions that affect design, execution and operation, which are among the most important elements of the success of any project. The most important of these dimensions are, for example, metavirus, climate change, epidemic diseases, and value engineering. Ignoring such dimensions is an obstacle to the success of any project and keeping pace with permanent change. The nature of the building must be understood, whether residential, administrative or commercial, because this creates a competitive advantage for the developer and this achieves efficiencies in orienting the building with the views and surroundings and taking into account the optimal orientation of the facades from the heart of the activity, so that nature overlaps so that it is not just concrete blocks and taking into account humanization.
Moreover, it is important to understand users’ lifestyle from the beginning of the day, which is reflected in the form of the building’s daily and everyday operation. The role of architect is reflected building structure and vice versa. In addition, architects have to understand the nature and size of the project, and this is one of the most important mechanisms for the success of any project. This is due to the fact that any dealing with any project, its success is due to understanding the size of the project, users, and environment.
He concluded, “Urban planning, landscape design, architectural design and interior design are not only theoretical sciences, but sciences that shape life and differ from one project to another. They are a translation of the rest of the human sciences, which are the essential partner for the success of any investment in all its stages. Our goal as architects is to make user happy and shape the future for him.”

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