Hansgrohe 122 years of innovation, design, and quality

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem

Hansgrohe has 122 years of innovation, design, and quality, the history of the company began in 1901, in the town of Schiltach, in the Black Forest region of Germany, led by the innovator and founder Hans Grohe.

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem, country manager of Hansgrohe in Egypt, began his speech to Realty Catalogue Magazine that the company has 122 years of innovation, design, and quality. He continued that the history of the company began in 1901, in the town of Schiltach, a small town in the Black Forest region of Germany, led by the innovator and founder Hans Grohe.
He added, the main activity of the company is the manufacture of Showers and Mixers. With those products, the company was able to sit on top of the list of the most important companies in the global market over the years, due the high quality of its products and the competitive value of its products
He added, Hansgrohe was able to develop rapidly and became a pioneer in German industry.

Therefore, the foundation stone was laid for a success story that has continued to this day.

Products offered by HANSGROHE to the local and international market

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem noted that “HANSGROHE” implemented a development plan at the beginning of 2021, with the aim of achieving integration between its products, through the manufacture of sanitary ceramic, most notably, basins and toilets, whose manufacture began in Egypt.
He continued his speech, that the company currently owns 4 products lines of sanitary ceramic, known in the market as the HANSGROHE brand, which is the best quality ever in the local market.

The most important Projects implemented by the Company locally and globally

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem explained that the company started its export activities since last year and after 3 months of starting the project’s production to a number of countries, most notably, Algeria and Serbia, and a number of projects are currently being negotiated in Eastern Europe, North Africa, Zambia, as well as other countries in the world.
He stressed that the quality of the Company’s products and the strength of the brand is one of the most important factors for export to all foreign markets. We look forward to increasing export rates and opening new markets, which is one of the most important strategic goals of the Company.

The most important designers on whom HANSGROHE relies in designing its products

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem said that quality and innovative design play a major role in distinguishing the Company’s products, and pointed out that the Company relies on the design of its products on the “Phoenix Design” House, which is a well-established design house in Germany and is one of the most famous names in this field. As well as cooperation with many famous designers, such as Philippe Starck, Patricia Urquiola, and more have contributed to the formation of exclusive Hansgrohe bathroom collections.

Principles of Sustainable Development in HANSGROHE Business and Products

He pointed out that the company was able to reduce water consumption in mixers by more than 40% of the standard code, which starts with 11.5 liters per minute to reach 5.5 liters per minute currently, without the feeling that the water flowing from the mixers is few.
He also indicated that the company is looking forward to saving 90% of water during the coming period, which means also saving the energy consumed in the lifting pumps.
This goal has been included in the Company’s development strategy and the study for the product is being prepared, and is expected to be manufactured and put on the market by the end of 2025.

The Company’s plan and the value of the investments planned to be pumped into the Egyptian market

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem indicated that the parent company’s turnover value reached approximately 1.6 billion euros 2022, and we are targeting a lot by the end of this year also, supported by the entry of new products as well as new markets in Africa and Europe.
Furthermore, he pointed out that the company has an optimistic vision during the coming period, and that the company is looking forward to increasing export rates by large percentages to support the state in providing foreign currency, to get out of the current crisis quickly.

Axor the design lines of Hansgrohe group

Eng. Saleh Abdel Aleem noted that in addition, HANSGROHE group has the Axor brand, which specializes in high-end bathroom faustes, showers, and fixtures.
Axor is renowned for its innovative designs and collaboration with renowned designers and architects, resulting in exclusive and luxurious bathroom collections.
Axor’s products, like those of HANSGROHE, emphasize quality and innovative design. The brand’s collaboration with notable designers such as Philippe Starck and Patricia Urquiola has contributed to the creation of unique and stylish bathroom fixtures.
Axor places a strong emphasis on individualization. Recognizing that each person has unique tastes and preferences, with a commitment to personalization, Axor allows individuals to express their personal style and create distinctive spaces that reflect their individuality.

Expectations for the Egyptian industry and the most prominent difficulties faced by manufacturers

Eng. Saleh stressed that industry is the first pillar for the growth of the Egyptian economy. Therefore, lifting the burdens and challenges on companies during the current period, which impede the work of the market, the most prominent of which is the difficulty of importing raw materials needed for manufacturing due to the shortage of dollar currency, will lead to the continuity of its work at its full production capacity besides preserving the labor and motivating it to achieve further development and growth.
In the same context, he added that Egypt enjoys competitive advantages that enable it to penetrate all export markets, and the most prominent of these advantages is the abundance of manufacturing inputs from energy, specifically natural gas and electricity, in addition to the geographical location of the Egyptian market and its proximity to all African, European and Gulf countries.
He pointed out that the successive crises on the global market during the past years, the latest of which was the Russian-Ukrainian war, rearranged the movement of global trade and opened the door to companies and countries that were not on the export map.
He also praised the recent decisions issued by the Supreme Investment Council to encourage the investment movement, explaining that it was relatively late, but it will solve major problems faced by companies wishing to establish projects in Egypt.
He considered that the government’s desire to increase the number of existing projects under the private free zones system is the first gateway to increase exports and one of the factors for attracting foreign investments to the Egyptian market.
He pointed out that attracting foreign investments is the first way to solve the currency shortage crisis, and the establishment of new projects for products imported from abroad that provide the state with dollar liquidity that it used to drain in the import process. In addition to directing a large part of the production to foreign markets, which helps achieve the state’s goals to reach its exports to $100 billion.

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